Increase awareness and communicate the benefits of Mediacom’s Xtream 1Gig internet service to gamers via Twitch.

1 Gig is Mediacom’s top-tier, best-in-class residential internet service offering to date. After thorough research, we identified online gamers as one of the strongest markets that would benefit from Xtream 1 Gig connectivity. We created a campaign consisting of 3 original pre-roll videos specifically tailored to gamers on Twitch’s video streaming platform. The campaign addressed the frustrations gamers experience with sub-par internet using an authentic tone that spoke their (gamer) language and incorporated gamer terminology/lingo.

Twitch’s platform was perfect to target the right demographic. Using a 3-month, heavily geo-targeted campaign in Mediacom’s footprint, we received very strong Video Completion Rates (VCR), outpacing Twitch’s VCR benchmark range of 74-80%* by averaging 92% VCR with 2,926,912 targeted impressions (*Twitch Advertising).

UPDATE: Platinum 2022 AVA Digital Award Winner - Social Media Campaign!

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